National and international supporters are calling the Marquette Prison on behalf of political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney who was removed from the Lakeland facility in Coldwater, MI (located 2 hours from the Rev.’s home) on Tuesday morning without notification to him or his family! For over 24 hours, they did not know where he was.

Rev. Pinkney was taken 500 miles from his wife and home to the Marquette prison. Prior to this move, Rev. Pinkney enjoyed visitors every weekend who helped him get the nutrition he needed (the food served by Aramark Food Service is literally rotten and infested), individuals conversed with him spiritually and politically, the Rev. called into radio shows weekly, and the Rev. gave sermons, helped inmates, and was a model prisoner. He is almost 67 years old, diabetic, and he has lost 30 pounds since being incarcerated (unjustly) in December 2014.

We ask that you make a call to 517-241-7238, ask for the Director or her Assistant. and tell them you are calling on behalf of Rev. Edward Pinkney, ID#294671. Please politely ask that he be returned downstate near his home. Make the case that he has been a model prisoner and deserves to be near his family and friends. Also, it is imperative that you tell them where you live especially if you are out-of-state or international. You will not have to give your address, but if you are calling from New York or Australia or England, this may make an impact. It lets the system know that the Rev. is an international activist and his support is worldwide, which means Michigan is being watched and exposed.

To learn more about Rev. Pinkney and his fight against a powerful corporation and corrupt justice system over illegal land grabs, jobs outsourcing and gentrification in Benton Harbor, please go to If you are able to donate to the Reverend’s legal defense fund (an Appeal Brief has been filed with the Michigan Appellate Court), please go to and use Paypal to donate. Any amount is very much appreciated!

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Thank you so much from the Pinkneys and his supporters!